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YBS Photos is the business name and trademark for the photography of Mike Magee. Born in Montreal, Canada before moving to New Zealand at a young age, photography has always been part of his life along with the desire to seek out new places, people and experiences.

Mike Magee lived and photographed extensively in Central America including Mayan Ceremonies and Carnaval before returning to Australia in 2009. He studied for several years at the Australian Centre for Photography while settling in Marrickville where his work has been exhibited, published and received awards.

2017 has been another busy year covering the amazing WOMADelaide Festival and various other projects while he is still working "From the Touchline" with the mighty Newtown Jets Rugby League Team.



LATEST NEWS: I am extremely excited to be joining Stephen Dupont and Jack Picone for their 2018 Reportage Workshop in Havana, Cuba in November!

A first visit to stunning Sri Lanka!

A rare attempt at some landscape shots during a first visit to the spectacular "Red Center" and in particular the mesmerising Uluru. Armed with some Portra 400 and Tri - X 400 as well as a memory card!

Journey into Sarawak, Borneo. The few days spent in Sarawak, Borneo around Kuching were merely an appetiser to this beautiful land. The undoubted highlights being able to spend time amongst orangutangs at the incredible Semanggoh Wildlife Centre and proboscis monkeys in the beautiful Bako National Park. A big thank you to the new friends we made at the Permai Rainforest Resort, Francis at the Sarawak Cultural Village and Riman, our wonderful Sarawak Park Guide.

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"Shark Park" (Remondis Stadium) was heaving with over 15,000 witnessing the Sharks' comprehensive 40 - 18 victory over the Tigers, 22nd August.

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Hasta Siempre Buena Vista Exhibition has just finished at Kelby's Cafe in Marrickville, many thanks to Ramy and everyone at the Cafe for supporting it!

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Marrickville turned out in force for the centenary ANZAC Day Parade. The council did a great job organising things in what ways a truly memorable and poignant occasion. I managed to capture a few moments on of Kodak's finest, Porta 400 film.